Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Heron Angling Society 2017 Calendar

14th Bingo – this was cancelled as to late to advertise
11th Elton Towers tickets available now £3.00
25th Greenhill Presentation Evening

18th Carmen and the Devils 8.00pm
1st Heron Prize Giving Evening
Friday 7th Heron AGM
22nd Kevin Ford – Casino Night

26th - 29th Beer Festival – Hot Potatoes to play Saturday Night
Sunday lunchtime – a local Ukulele Band – will play from 12 noon
Monday – 2.00pm Dead Horse Morris will perform
10th 'School Disco' – Disco School Uniform Fancy Dress Optional
8th Tiddlers Cup & Social – Kevin Ford
15th Quiz – Rick Gaskell

12th Herne Bay Carnival
13th Heron Beach BBQ – The Interseptors

9th RNLI – Paella & Sangria – Charity Fund-Raiser
30th Pub Games – Kevan
27th Friday Fish-cake Competition?
28th Halloween – Lost Weekend £3.00 tickets nearer the event

18th Alan Stewart – Dave La
25th Ronan's Charity Night

9th Christmas Party
17th Charsley Lunch Comp. 10.00 – 14.00
31st ????????

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Tamkin Cup Beach comp results

The Tamkin Cup is the second beach competition of the year for the H.A.S and this year saw 12 anglers take to the shore on Sunday 5th March. 
The weather was predicted to have strong winds and heavy rain which thankfully never really transpired. There was a moderate SW throughout but not troublesome and the rain never really came at all. 
In the end, just 5 of the competitiors weighed in catches which comprised of dabs, a rockling and skate. Newcomer junior angler, Poppy Morris (I know, I know, another Morris!!) had her first fish with a dab and T. Morris managed his first shore caught ray from middle bank for second spot. 
It was D. Morris however who stole the show, Dave was also fishing middle bank and returned with two rays, the biggest pulling the scales down to a clonking 10lbs 13.4oz. Along with a second fish just over the 6lbs mark, Dave easily took top spot. 
Full results as follows;
1st- D. Morris, 2 fish, 17lbs 2.2oz
2nd- T. Morris, 1 fish, 3lbs 13.6oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 2 fish, 8.6oz
4th- A. Wood, 1 fish, 3.6oz
5th- P. Morris, 1 fish, 2oz

 D Morris with his decent brace of rays

T Morris and his skate

Thursday, 9 February 2017

End of 2016 report and Final standings

It dawned on me today that I never did an end of year report for 2016 and publish last year's final standings so for those of you interested, here they are!....


1st- M. Morris, 84pts
2nd- B. Morris, 65pts
3rd- T. Morris, 63pts
4th- S. Stephenson, 59pts
5th- I. Morris, 48pts
6th- K. Morris, 45pts
7th- D. Morris, 39pts
8th- L. Perry-French, 36pts
9th- D. Neiles, 26pts
10th- B. Perry-French, 21pts
11th- L. Murray, 14pts
12th- A. Wood, 12pts
12th- D. Murray, 12pts
14th- D. Smith, 11pts
14th- T. Sadik, 11pts
16th- P. Thornton, 9pts


1st- T. Morris, 98pts
2nd- B. Morris, 94pts
3rd- M. Morris, 85pts
4th- I. Morris, 61pts
5th- L. Perry-French, 59pts
6th- B. Perry-French, 53pts
7th- D. Morris, 35pts
8th- D. Neiles, 34pts
9th- K. Wilton, 32pts
10th- C. Zacharia, 28pts
11th- D. Perry, 27pts
12th- K. Morris, 25pts
13th- A. Wood, 18pts
14th- L. Simpson, 16pts
15th- P. Gower, 14pts
16th- R. Gower, 12pts
17th- H. Heffer, 11pts
18th- J. Simpson, 10pts
19th- G. Mummery, 7pts
20th- S. Mannering, 5pts
21st- J. Marshall, 4pts

Club Championship (top 10);

1st- M. Morris, 169pts
2nd- T. Morris, 161pts
3rd- B. Morris, 159pts
4th- I. Morris, 109pts
5th- L. Perry-French, 95pts
6th- D. Morris, 74pts
7th- K. Morris, 70pts
8th- B. Perry-French, 64pts
9th- D. Neiles, 60pts
10th- S. Stephenson, 59pts

Presidents Heron (top 10);

1st- T. Morris, 324 fish
2nd- B. Morris, 248 fish
3rd- M. Morris, 234 fish
4th- I. Morris, 162 fish
5th- L. Perry-French, 145 fish
5th- K. Morris, 145 fish
7th- D. Morris, 132 fish
8th- B. Perry-French, 120 fish
9th- D. Neiles, 105 fish
10th- S. Stephenson, 75 fish



Monday, 9 January 2017

Jubilee Cup - first round

Twelve anglers took to the beaches for the Heron's first beach competition of 2017, the first round of the Jubilee Cup.
 The sea couldn't have been calmer across the course of the evening and a little drizzle aside, the weather was perfect too. 
 Despite plagues of very small whiting, no sizeable ones were landed. In fact, a rockling aside, all twelve anglers weighed in good catches of just dabs. 
 Junior member, B. Perry-French, found the lions share from the harbour arm bagging 12 with his brother taking 7 for third spot. 
 I. Morris was 2nd with 8 from lane end including the heaviest at 8.8oz for the heavy fish pool. 
 Full results as follows;
1st- B. Perry-French, 12 fish, 4lbs 2.8oz
2nd- I. Morris, 8 fish, 3lbs 1.6oz
3rd- L. Perry-French, 7 fish, 2lbs 5.8oz
4th- S. Stephenson, 5 fish, 1lbs 13.4oz
5th- D. Neiles, 4 fish, 1lbs 6oz
6th- D. Morris, 3 fish, 1lbs 3.2oz
7th- K. Morris, 4 fish, 15.6oz
8th- T. Morris, 4 fish, 14.8oz
9th- B. Morris, 3 fish, 13.8oz
10th- T. Sadik, 1 fish, 8.4oz
11th- M. Morris, 1 fish, 8.4oz
12th- A. Wood, 1 fish, 3.8oz



Monday, 5 December 2016

Charsley beach competition results

After last year's 'whiting-fest', it was decided that only sizeable fish would be permitted in this year's Charsley competition on Sunday 4th December. Since the event traditionally is renowned for very low catches, undersized fish have been permitted in the past provided they were weighed and released when caught but last year, vast numbers of whiting were still abundant so the rules were changed for the 29 anglers taking part in this year's event.  
As it transpired, the numbers weren't as high as expected but most caught at least an undersized fish and 13 weighed in. Just whiting accounted for the catches and with 7 fish, T. Morris took top spot with 3lbs 2.2oz. Tony also won the xmas cake raffle after the weigh in!! 
Meanwhile, T. Blencowe came in 13th, which means he is 2017's "custodian of the gnome", a longstanding club tradition whereby last place is presented with a tacky plastic gnome which lives in the clubhouse! 
All the anglers were treated to meat pie, potatoes and veg in the clubhouse after the event followed by fruit pies and custard thanks to W. Dinley and others who make the event as successful as it is. 

Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 7 fish, 3lbs 2.2oz
2nd- M. Morris, 8 fish, 2lbs 15.2oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 3 fish, 1lbs 5.6oz
4th- B. Morris, 3 fish, 1lbs 2.2oz
5th- D. Morris, 2 fish, 15.4oz
6th- L. Perry-French, 2 fish, 12.5oz
7th- I. Morris, 2 fish, 11oz
8th- D. Neiles, 1 fish, 7.2oz
9th- S. Munnings, 1 fish, 6.8oz
10th- A. Wood, 1 fish, 6.4oz
11th- A. Louch, 1 fish, 6oz
12th- B. Perry-French, 5.6oz
13th- T. Blencowe, 1 fish, 5.4oz


T Blencowe with the gnome

Winner T Morris

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Accumulator Beach results

Eleven anglers took to the beach for the Heron's last championship match of the year, the Accumulator. 
Prize monies here are adjusted according to how many events an individual has fished or missed and deductions passed to the next placed angler and so on, hence the name. 
Conditions were fair with a fairly strong SW wind meaning most were fairly sheltered and thankfully there was no rain. 
M. Morris found the numbers of fish from cold harbour bringing 39 to the scales whilst T. Morris had 32 fishing outside the clubhouse. 
Catches consisted of whiting and just three dogfish were caught, the best of which fell for A. Wood at 1lbs 13.6oz and won the heavy fish pool. 

Full results as follows;

1st- M. Morris, 39 fish, 16lbs 2.6oz
2nd- T. Morris, 32 fish, 14lbs 10oz
3rd- S. Stephenson, 26 fish, 10lbs 10.2oz
4th- K. Morris, 25 fish, 9lbs 7.4oz
5th- I. Morris, 22 fish, 8lbs 8.4oz
6th- D. Morris, 18 fish, 7lbs 11.6oz
7th- D. Neiles, 15 fish, 5lbs 12.8oz
8th- L. Perry-French, 12 fish, 5lbs 1.6oz
9th- A. Wood, 9 fish, 4lbs 14.2oz
10th- B. Perry-French, 11 fish, 4lbs 6.8oz
11th- B. Morris, 10 fish, 3lbs 7oz

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Maureen Cup beach competition results

An unusually low tide meant the start of the Heron's Maureen Cup beach competition was delayed for most of the twelve anglers that took part. Thankfully though, the Southerly wind made the water calm and the rain did little more than drizzle throughout. 
As it was, whiting numbers were enough that despite waiting for the tide, all weighed in a catch. The only other species brought to the scales in fact, was a single dogfish for T. Morris, fishing Lane End, a dab for D. Morris from the arm and the Perry-French twins a dab each with Lewis also landing a flounder. 
However, with 33 fish from the arm, D. Morris won his first beach trophy, besting T. Morris' weight by nearly 3lbs. 

Full results as follows;

1st- D. Morris, 33 fish, 13lbs 10.8oz
2nd- T. Morris, 24 fish, 10lbs 14.4oz
3rd- B. Morris, 26 fish, 10lbs 2.4oz
4th- M. Morris, 23 fish, 9lbs 0.2oz
5th- S. Stephenson, 19 fish, 7lbs 10.6oz
6th- L. Perry-French, 13fish, 5lbs 2.2oz
7th- P. Gower, 11 fish, 4lbs 11.8oz
8th- D. Neiles, 12 fish, 4lbs 4.4oz
9th- A. Wood, 10 fish, 4lbs 0.2oz
10th- B. Perry-French, 10 fish, 3lbs 13oz
11th- K. Morris, 9 fish, 3lbs 9.6oz
12th- K. Wilton, 5fish, 2lbs 0.4oz 
Bradley and Lewis Perry-French. 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Autumn beach festival results

What a stark contrast 24hrs can make!! 
Twelve anglers took to the shores on Saturday 5th November for the 1st day of the HAS' autumn festival. 
The strong NW winds were akin to last year's  event and made fishing very difficult indeed. Things were only made worse by the distinct lack of fish! In fact, only 4 managed to weigh in a catch with T. Morris leading the way. Tony managed just 3 sizeable whiting from Lane End whilst S. Stephenson had 2 fishing the arm.... until he virtually got blown off!! Meanwhile the Reculver beaches produced just one whiting for M. Morris and a rockling for I. Morris. 
Faced with similar conditions on the Sunday, fourteen competitors took part and thankfully the wind wasn't quite as bad. The fish also decided to put in an appearance as all managed to weigh in. 
Again, T. Morris continued his run of good form with a stout haul of 23 fish and took top spot with S. Stephenson closely behind nabbing 20 of his own. 
Meanwhile, D. Morris clawed his way into the prize monies for 3rd place. All catches comprised of whiting with the exception of L. Perry-French who bagged an eel of 11.6oz and B. Morris who's diminutive dogfish of 12.6oz won the heavy fish prize. 

Full results as follows;
Saturday 5th Nov;
1st- T. Morris, 3 fish, 1lbs 0.4oz
2nd- S. Stephenson, 2 fish, 11.8oz
3rd- M. Morris, 1 fish, 4.4oz
4th- I. Morris, 1 fish, 3.2oz

Sunday 6th Nov;
1st- T. Morris, 23 fish, 9lbs 3.4oz
2nd- S. Stephenson, 20 fish, 8lbs 4.2oz
3rd- D. Morris, 16 fish, 6lbs 14oz
4th- K. Morris, 16 fish, 6lbs 7.8oz
5th- B. Morris, 15 fish, 6lbs 6.8oz
6th- M. Morris 16 fish, 5lbs 11.6oz
7th- D. Smith, 8 fish, 3lbs 1.4oz
8th- I. Morris, 8 fish, 3lbs 0.2oz
9th- D. Murray, 6 fish, 2lbs 11.2oz
10th- B. Perry-French, 7 fish, 2lbs 7.4oz
11th- A. Wood, 5 fish, 2lbs 5.2oz
12th- L. Perry-French, 4 fish, 2lbs 0.2oz
13th- D. Neiles, 5 fish, 1lbs 12.4oz
14th- L. Murray, 3 fish, 1lbs 4oz

Class winners (by elimination rules)

Class 1; Aggregate
1st- T. Morris, 10lbs 3.8oz (£50)
2nd- S. Stephenson, 9lbs (£30)
3rd- D. Morris, 6lbs 14oz (£20)

Class 2; Heaviest 1 day catch
T. Morris, 9lbs 3.4oz

Class 3; Heaviest Fish
B. Morris, 12.6oz

Class 4; Greatest No. (1 day)
S. Stephenson, 20 fish 

Class 5; Greatest No. flat fish
Not won

Class 6; Greatest No. on Sunday
D. Morris 16 fish

Class 7; Heaviest catch by a Lady
Not won

Class 8; Heaviest catch by a Junior
B. Perry-French, 2lbs 7.4oz

Class 9; Heaviest catch by a Senior
M. Morris, 5lbs 11.6oz
T Morris with Sundays haul


Bradley with his eel


B Morris and the tiny dogfish


Monday, 31 October 2016

Last Chance Boat Comp Results

As the days grow shorter and the weather deteriorates, the time comes for the Heron's final boat competition of the year; the Last Chance. 
13 Anglers set out from the club on Sunday 30th October and following the decent catches in the autumn festival, expectations were high. 
Unfortunately it wasn't to be and in fact at times, it was remarkably quiet. 
Despite the glass like seas and amicable weather, the skate and indeed any other larger species just didn't want to play ball. 
In the end, it was those who headed further off shore that got amongst the numbers, D. Neiles returned with 44 whiting and took top spot whilst newcomer, H. Heffer was second with 36 fish of her own. 
The only skate to show were from the closer marks but the heaviest of these was only 6lbs 5.8oz which fell to B. Morris and won the heavy fish pool. Other fish caught included dogfish and quite a few nice sized dabs. 

Full results as follows;

1st- D. Neiles, 44 fish, 20lbs 5.3oz
2nd- H Heffer, 36 fish, 17lbs 13.4oz
3rd- D. Perry, 32 fish, 16lbs 3.8oz
3rd- M. Morris, 12 fish, 16lbs 3.8oz
5th- B. Morris, 20 fish, 14lbs 14.4oz
6th- T. Morris, 22 fish, 14lbs 13.2oz
7th- K. Morris, 33 fish, 14lbs 10.6oz
8th- I. Morris, 19 fish, 14lbs 3.8oz
9th- A. Wood, 28 fish, 13lbs 9.8oz
10th- K. Wilton, 21 fish, 9lbs 13.2oz
11th- C. Zacharia, 14 fish, 6lbs 5.2oz
12th- P. Gower, 10 fish, 4lbs 14.8oz
13th- S. Mannering, 4 fish, 2lbs 14oz
Dave Neiles winning catch

Ben Morris and his 6lbs 5oz ray

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Autumn Boat Festival results

The H.A.S held its annual 3 day, Autumn Boat Festival on 15th-17th October and thankfully the weather was good enough for all 3 days to be fished. 
12 anglers set out on day 1 with the Weir bank seemingly the top choice. The area was teaming with pin whiting, fishing was frantic but little was being bagged. As a result two of the boats headed closer inshore in search of skate and found a few producing the best weights of the day. 
T. Morris led the way with 2 rays amongst 53 other fish for 39lbs 15oz, whilst less than 2lbs separated B. Morris and M. Morris in 2nd and 3rd spots, Mick Morris took the heaviest fish of the day at 9lbs 9oz. 
Notably day one also saw D. Morris land a nice bass of 4lbs 6.6oz which will win him the Derek Line Bass Trophy and it was also decided that the junior boat competition which was cancelled in August would be fished in tandem with day 1. This was therefore won by L. Perry-French with a very respectable weight of 17lbs 14.4oz. 
The weather on Sunday was less favourable with a little rain and a stronger SW wind than the previous day. Although only 6 anglers ventured out, on the whole the fish numbers were up with T. Morris continuing his impressive streak, this time bagging 6 rays towards his days weight of 68lbs 7.6oz. M. Morris and B. Morris continued the tussle for second spot with their aggregate weights now separated by just 2.2oz!! 
Day 3 saw the wind drop marginally and again just 6 anglers headed out, this time it was very much a family affair as all were a Morris! The catch rate was a slower pace for sure but all managed to continue the catches of skate, dogfish, dabs and whiting as seen on the previous days. T. Morris emerged the days winner for the 3rd day in a row and the battle for 2nd place was decided by a difference of just 8.5oz in favour of B. Morris. 

Full results as follows;

Junior Trophy Winner;
L. Perry-French, 33fish, 17lbs 14.4oz

Saturday 15th;
1st- T. Morris, 55 fish, 39lbs 15oz
2nd- B. Morris, 33 fish, 28lbs 2.3oz
3rd- M. Morris, 37 fish, 26lbs 7.3oz
4th- I. Morris, 35 fish, 22lbs 6.6oz
5th- L. Perry-French, 33fish, 17lbs 4.4oz
6th- R. Gower, 25 fish, 12lbs 12.4oz
7th- K. Wilton, 12 fish, 12lbs 12.2oz
8th- D. Morris, 20 fish, 12lbs 6.8oz
9th- K. Morris, 27 fish, 11lbs 10.4oz
10th- B. Perry-French, 24 fish, 11lbs 2.2oz
11th- J. Marshall, 14 fish, 6lbs 6.8oz
12th- P. Gower, 9 fish, 5lbs 9.2oz

Sunday 16th;
1st- T. Morris, 58 fish, 68lbs 7.6oz
2nd- M. Morris, 47 fish, 41lbs 1.4oz
3rd- B. Morris, 43 fish, 39lbs 4.2oz
4th- I. Morris, 31 fish, 27lbs 6oz
5th- L. Perry-French, 39 fish, 20lbs 1.3oz
6th- B. Perry-French, 30 fish, 13lbs 10.6oz

Monday 17th;
1st- T. Morris, 50 fish, 47lbs 0.2oz
2nd- B. Morris, 38 fish, 39lbs 12.4oz
3rd- M. Morris, 24 fish, 39lbs 1.7oz
4th- D. Morris, 30 fish, 35lbs 6.6oz
5th- K. Morris, 25 fish, 30lbs 1.3oz
6th- I. Morris, 17 fish, 22lbs 10.2oz

Class results (by elimination rules);
Class 1, Aggregate;
1st- T. Morris, 155lbs 6.8oz
2nd- B. Morris, 107lbs 2.9oz
3rd- M. Morris, 106lbs 10.4oz
4th- I. Morris, 72lbs 6.6oz
5th- D. Morris, 47lbs 13.4oz
6th- K. Morris, 41lbs 11.3oz
7th- L. Perry-French, 37lbs 15.7oz
8th- B. Perry-French, 24lbs 12.8oz
9th- R. Gower, 12lbs 12.4oz
10th- K. Wilton, 12lbs 12.2oz
11th- J. Marshall, 6lbs 6.8oz
12th- P. Gower, 5lbs 9.2oz

Class 2, Heaviest 1 day catch
T. Morris, 68lbs 7.6oz

Class 3, Greatest No. (1 day)
M. Morris, 47fish

Class 4, Heaviest catch round fish (1 day)
L. Perry-French, 20lbs 1.3oz

Class 5, Greatest No. Round fish (1day)
B. Morris, 38 fish

Class 6, Heaviest catch flat fish (1 day)
K. Morris, 2lbs 3.4oz

Class 7, Heaviest fish
I. Morris, 8lbs 8.6oz

Class 8, Greatest Variety (1 day)
D. Morris, 4 varieties

Class 9, Heaviest 1day catch by a lady
R. Gower, 12lbs 12.4oz 

Class 10, Heaviest 1day catch by a senior
T. Morris, 68lbs 7.6oz

Class 11, Heaviest 1day catch by a junior
B. Perry-French, 13lbs 4.8oz

Class 12, Heaviest Catch On Monday,
B. Morris, 39lbs 12.4oz

D Morris 4lbs 6oz Bass
T Morris with 2 of the 12 rays he weighed in across the even