Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Monday, 31 July 2017

Open Limits bass trophy results

5 Herons took part in this year's open Limits bass trophy with just two boats launching. The 18mph SW wind made conditions a little choppy but with both boats staying close to shore, it was never really a problem. 
All reported catches of bass with K. Grove also netting an eel in excess of 2lbs from black rock. B. Morris came closest to weighing in with a bass that was literally a few mm short of the required 42cm, fishing the end of Hampton rocks. 
Unfortunately though, after five hours of fishing, none of the competitors could muster a sizeable fish so for this year the trophy goes un-won. 

This Bass was just undersized

Sunday, 2 July 2017

'over-the-low' trophy results

Sunday 2nd July saw the return of the Herons' beach competitions with the 'over-the-low' trophy. 
6 members took to the very hot and sunny beaches, skeptical that any would weigh in despite the Bass ban being lifted to one per angler from the 1st of July. 
In the end however, 3 did manage to find fish and weigh in sizeable catches. M. Morris was fishing near Bishopstone point and amongst a reported 7 undersized bass, brought back a healthy eel of 1lbs 2.4oz. 
Meanwhile, B. Morris, fishing near middle bank at reculver managed a small hound pup of 1lbs 5.4oz and lost a bigger one at the waters edge. S. Stephenson made the most of his only hook up from the same spot though and landed a smoothhound of 3lbs 13.4oz for the win. 

Full results as follows; 
1st- S. Stephenson, 1 fish, 3lbs 13.4oz
2nd- B. Morris, 1 fish, 1lbs 5.4oz
3rd- M. Morris, 1 fish, 1lbs 2.4oz

Simon and his 3lbs 13oz hound

Ben had this pup for second spot

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Iris boat competition results

For the second boat competition in a row, the Herons' were forced to fish uncomfortable conditions as the westerly winds prevailed in the Iris boat competition on Sunday 25th June. 
Nine anglers headed out and to say the day was slow would be an understatement. In fact, just 3 managed to find sizeable fish in the end. 
I. Morris nabbed a small hound for 3rd spot whilst cousin B. Morris found two of a better stamp for second spot, the largest of these going 7lbs 7oz. It was Ian's dad M. Morris who came up trumps in the end though, along with a dogfish and 3 hound pups, Mick caught a nice skate which pulled the scales down to a healthy 12lbs 9.6oz. Small bass were also caught by others but the warm weather and continued drifts of weed are clearly taking their toll on our fishing of late. 
Full results as follows;
1st- M. Morris, 5 fish, 21lbs 1.6oz
2nd- B. Morris, 2 fish, 14lbs 7.6oz
3rd- I. Morris, 1 fish, 3lbs 10.4oz

B Morris and his brace of hounds

M Morris and his ray

Monday, 12 June 2017

Claire V. Weniger Boat Competition Results

Staunch 15-18mph SW winds greeted the 8 anglers who took to the boats on Sunday 11th June for the Herons' Claire V. Weniger competition. 
Catch rates were relatively slow but all weighed in bags consisting of skate, dogfish, smoothhounds and whiting. 
The heaviest fish of the day fell to D. Neiles with his ray of 9lbs 1.6oz whilst M. Morris had the heaviest hound at 8lbs 0.4oz. 
However it was again T. Morris who found the numbers of fish and with two rays of his own, easily took top spot. 

Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 24 fish, 43lbs 5.7oz
2nd- L. Perry-French, 6 fish, 29lbs 6.3oz
3rd- B. Morris, 20 fish, 24lbs 13.6oz
4th- B. Perry-French, 11 fish, 24lbs 3.3oz
5th- D. Neiles, 10 fish, 24lbs 0.3oz
6th- A. Wood, 4 fish, 22lbs 10.6oz
7th- M. Morris, 6 fish, 22lbs 6.3oz
8th- I. Morris, 5 fish, 14lbs 14.8oz
Dave Neiles Heaviest Fish
Ian Morris with a nice hound of 7lbs 4oz
Tony Morris Competition Winner.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Dave Mann Diamond Jubilee competition results

With a particularly poor turn out, just 5 anglers took to Kents beaches on Saturday 3rd June for the Herons' Diamond Jubilee competition.  
In this event, anglers may fish any Kent beach of their choice (excluding venues where a fee is payable i.e. Samphire Hoe, Deal pier etc) but must be back to the club house within the allotted time. 
Those who did take part, spread far and wide to try and find the fish but across the 9hrs the fishing proved to be decidedly poor. 
D. Morris had the heaviest fish of the day from Dovers' Shakespeare beach, a dogfish of 1lbs 15oz whilst K. Wilton found one from Walmer beach too. 
In the end though the final hour spent at Ramsgate undercliff paid dividends for M. Morris who took 4 dogfish and an eel from the mark for the win. 

Full results as follows;
1st- M. Morris, 5 fish, 5lbs 15.2oz
2nd- D. Morris, 1 fish, 1lbs 15oz
3rd- K. Wilton, 1 fish, 1lbs 6oz

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Osman Cup results

Fifteen Herons took to the beaches on Saturday 20th May for the Osman Cup. It was decided from the off that we would Fish an extra hour to give us a little darkness and increase the chances of catching.
 Calm weather and mostly bright sunshine was the order of the day with just a light SW wind to contend with.
 Anglers spread from Studd Hill to Cold Harbour and despite all their best efforts, not one could bring back a sizeable catch. In fact only small, under size Bass were reported by anyone and the last, additional hour was largely hampered by copious amounts of weed. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

HAS spring boat festival results

The HAS spring boat festival can often throw up a few surprises and this year's event was no exception.
Fished over Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May, a good turn out saw 15 competitors take to their boats in steady SW winds. The weather was kinder on Sunday with lighter winds and brighter sunshine but the fishing was generally better overall on Saturday.
Saturday saw decent catches of smoothhounds and skate caught with whiting and dogs ever present. The biggest fish of the day fell to M. Morris with a ray of 11lbs 11.4oz whilst B. Morris and T. Morris both had hounds just shy of 9lbs each. Tony Morris also had to return a nice Bass of 2lbs+ under current Bass laws. The three anglers led the way after day one.
Sunday was much quieter for most in terms of catch rate with the flood tide especially slow. Nonetheless, there were still some very notable catches made.
D. Morris kept it in the family returning from Swalecliffe with 8 rays up to 9lbs and won the days event whilst his partner R. Cimino bagged a double hound at 10lbs 11.6oz. This was bested however by S. Mannering who landed a lovely 12lbs 5.4oz smut.
The talking point however, came when junior member B. Perry-French brought his offering to the scales. His thornback ray pulled them down to a stonking 15lbs 0.4oz and wins him a specimen medal.
The days results made little difference to the final standings in the end but it was great to see some really good fish.
Full results as follows;
Saturday 13th,
1st- T. Morris, 29 fish, 69lbs 1.1oz
2nd- M. Morris, 17 fish, 50lbs 10.8oz
3rd- B. Morris, 18 fish, 44lbs 15.8oz
4th- P. Gower, 6 fish, 25lbs 15.2oz
5th- D. Neiles, 11 fish, 22lbs 11.4oz
6th- D. Morris, 21lbs 9oz
7th- B. Perry-French, 14 fish, 18lbs 9.6oz
8th- L. Perry-French, 4 fish, 18lbs 4.6oz
9th- I. Morris, 6 fish, 18lbs 2oz
10th- K. Morris, 5 fish, 14lbs 15oz
11th- A. Wood, 13 fish, 14lbs 10.8oz
12th- K. Wilton, 3 fish, 7lbs 12.1oz
13th- H. Heffer, 6 fish, 7lbs 1.8oz
14th- S. Mannering, disqualified (late)
15th- C. Zacharia, disqualified (late)

Sunday 14th,
1st- D. Morris, 13 fish, 52lbs 4 oz
2nd- B. Perry-French, 22 fish, 41lbs 13oz
3rd- M. Morris, 16 fish, 38lbs 2.7oz
4th- T. Morris, 12 fish, 33lbs 11oz
5th- L. Perry-French, 12 fish, 32lbs 7oz
6th- B. Morris, 9 fish, 28lbs 0oz
7th- R. Cimino, 8 fish, 27lbs 3.6oz
8th- S. Mannering, 7 fish, 25lbs 9.2oz
9th- D. Neiles, 15 fish, 24lbs 3.8oz
10th- C. Zacharia, 8 fish, 15lbs 11.4oz
11th- I. Morris, 5 fish, 14lbs 0oz
12th- A. Wood, 6 fish, 5lbs 15.2oz

Class Winners (by elimination rules)
Class 1: Aggregate
1st (£50)- T. Morris, 102lbs 12.1oz
2nd (£30)- M. Morris, 88lbs 13.5oz
3rd (£20)- D. Morris, 73lbs 13oz
4th- B. Morris, 72lbs 15.4oz
5th- B. Perry-French, 59lbs 6.6oz
6th- L. Perry-French, 51lbs 1.6oz
7th- D. Neiles, 46lbs 15.2oz
8th- A. Wood, 38lbs 14.6oz
9th- I. Morris, 32lbs 2oz
10th- R. Cimino, 27lbs 3.6oz
11th- P. Gower, 25lbs 15.2oz
12th- S. Mannering, 24lbs 9.2oz
13th- C. Zacharia, 15lbs 11.4oz
14th- K. Morris, 14lbs 15oz
15th- K. Wilton, 7lbs 12.1oz
16th- H. Heffer, 7lbs 1.8oz

Class 2: Greatest No. (1 day)
T. Morris, 29 fish

Class 3: Heaviest Fish
B. Perry-French, 15lbs 0.4oz

Class 4: Heaviest Catch Skate (1 day)
D. Morris, 46lbs 11.4oz

Class 5: Heaviest Catch Flatfish (1 day)
Not Won

Class 6: Heaviest Catch Round fish (1 day)
B. Morris, 40lbs 11oz

Class 7: Aggregate Weight by a Junior
L. Perry-French, 51lbs 1.6oz

Class 8: Heaviest Catch by a Senior (1 day)
M. Morris, 50lbs 10.8oz

Class 9: Greatest No. Varieties (1 day)
R. Cimino, 4 Varieties.

(4th revision 1pm 15 May)

Bradley and his specimen ray
Ronnie Cimino and his double figure hound

Steve Mannering with his 12lbs 5oz hound

 Tony Morris had to return this Bass of 2lbs plus

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lawler Pairs Boat comp results

The Heron Angling Society are being blessed with perfect boating weather so far this year and the Lawler Pairs was no exception on Sunday 23rd April. 
Ten anglers set out in five boats and all headed to various parts of the Weir bank. The final trophy goes to the combined weight of two anglers, hence the title. 
There were decent catches of good sized thornback rays weighed in with I. Morris landing the biggest for the heavy fish pool.  His 10lbs 3.6oz fish, narrowly beating T. Morris' offering of 10lbs 3.2oz by just 0.4oz! 
Meanwhile, M. Morris bought ten rays to the scales whilst P. Gower had eight, encouragingly, all of the anglers landed at least one. 
There were also a lot of smoothhounds caught with T. Morris bagging the largest of these at around 7lbs and B. Morris with several just short of 6lbs. 
In the end M. Morris' haul of rays coupled with I. Morris' bag was good enough for top spot besting 2nd place by nearly 10lbs.

 Full results as follows; 
1st- M. Morris & I. Morris, 157lbs 11.2oz
2nd- T. Morris & B. Morris, 148lbs 13.7oz
3rd- A. Wood & D. Neiles, 103lbs 6oz
4th- P. Gower & K. Wilton, 80lbs 3.2oz
5th- B. Perry-French & L. Perry-French, 53lbs 4.4oz
Individual results as follows;
1st- M. Morris, 20 fish, 95lbs 1.6oz
2nd- T. Morris, 35 fish, 86lbs 12.1oz
3rd- I. Morris, 16 fish, 62lbs 9.6oz
4th- B. Morris, 27 fish, 62lbs 1.6oz
5th- P. Gower, 10 fish, 58lbs 11.6oz
6th- A. Wood, 26 fish, 51lbs 14.4oz
7th- D. Neiles, 29 fish, 51lbs 7.6oz
8th- B. Perry-French, 21 fish, 31lbs 5.6oz
9th- L. Perry-French, 9 fish, 21lbs 14.8oz
10th- K. Wilton, 8 fish, 21lbs 7.6oz

Andy Wood with a nice brace of fish

Ben and Tony Morris on the Hounds

winners Mick and Ian Morris   

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Accumulator Boat Results

The Herons' first boat competition of the year took part on Sunday 9th April in what can only be described as perfect conditions. 
14 took part in 7 boats and spread out from Bishopstone to the pier head and out to the Weir bank. All weighed in with dogs, whiting and skate accounting for most of the bags and a couple of early, small smoothhound making an appearance also. D. Neiles had the biggest of these at 4lbs 4.2oz. 
The heaviest fish of the day fell for event winner T. Morris, who had a lovely thornback ray of 13lbs 13oz, missing out on a specimen medal by just 3oz. Meanwhile, I. Morris also had a double figure fish, boating a personal best ray of 10lbs 4.8oz. 
Full results as follows;
1st- T. Morris, 33 fish, 44lbs 11oz
2nd- M. Morris, 12 fish, 39lbs 11.4oz
3rd- D. Neiles, 23 fish, 33lbs 1.7oz
4th- L. Perry-French, 10 fish, 30lbs 1.8oz
5th- K. Morris, 6 fish, 27lbs 0.2oz
6th- D. Perry, 6 fish, 25lbs 14.2oz
7th- I. Morris, 14 fish, 24lbs 15.6oz
8th- B. Perry-French, 14 fish, 23lbs 14.4oz
9th- A. Wood, 16 fish, 22lbs 1oz
10th- B. Morris, 24 fish, 19lbs 1.6oz
11th- D. Morris, 3 fish, 14lbs 15.2oz
12th- R. Cimino, 4 fish, 7lbs 6.6oz
13th- H. Heffer, 6 fish, 4lbs 2.2oz
14th- C. Zacharia, 6 fish, 3lbs 2.8oz
Ian Morris 10lbs 4oz ray
Bradley and Lewis Perry-French

Tony Morris 13lbs 13oz Ray.      

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Jackson Cup beach comp results

A good turn out saw 16 Herons head to Deal for the Jackson Cup on Saturday 25th March. Fishing the tide up and virtually all in darkness, the event was promising of good results..... until the wind had its say. A staunch 20mph North Easterly was prevalent for the whole competition and made things very difficult. Nonetheless, 13 competitors brought bags to the scales comprising whiting and dogfish. 
S. Stephenson found the best of the numbers from the Walmer end with 10 fish for the win whilst newcomer, R. Cimino took 7 from the golf course for second. Ronnie also won the heaviest fish pool with a specimen dogfish of 2lbs 2oz. 
D. Neiles was third with 6 fish from Deal main beach. 

Full results as follows;
1st- S. Stephenson, 10 fish, 10lbs 14.4oz
2nd- R. Cimino, 7 fish, 6lbs 8.2oz
3rd- D. Neiles, 6 fish, 5lbs 14.6oz
4th- K. Wilton, 5 fish, 5lbs 9.6oz
5th- M. Morris, 4 fish, 4lbs 4.8oz
6th- A. Wood, 4 fish, 4lbs 0.6oz
7th- A. Louch, 2 fish, 2lbs 9oz
8th- P. Morris, 2 fish 2lbs 3.6oz
9th- D. Morris, 3 fish, 1 lbs 11.4oz
10th- P. Gower, 1 fish, 1lbs 6.2oz
11th- I. Morris, 1 fish, 1 lbs 2.8oz
12th- L. Perry-French, 1 fish, 1lbs 2.4oz
 13th- B. Morris, 1 fish, 13.4oz