Recording the activities of Heron Angling Society

Monday, 9 January 2017

Jubilee Cup - first round

Twelve anglers took to the beaches for the Heron's first beach competition of 2017, the first round of the Jubilee Cup.
 The sea couldn't have been calmer across the course of the evening and a little drizzle aside, the weather was perfect too. 
 Despite plagues of very small whiting, no sizeable ones were landed. In fact, a rockling aside, all twelve anglers weighed in good catches of just dabs. 
 Junior member, B. Perry-French, found the lions share from the harbour arm bagging 12 with his brother taking 7 for third spot. 
 I. Morris was 2nd with 8 from lane end including the heaviest at 8.8oz for the heavy fish pool. 
 Full results as follows;
1st- B. Perry-French, 12 fish, 4lbs 2.8oz
2nd- I. Morris, 8 fish, 3lbs 1.6oz
3rd- L. Perry-French, 7 fish, 2lbs 5.8oz
4th- S. Stephenson, 5 fish, 1lbs 13.4oz
5th- D. Neiles, 4 fish, 1lbs 6oz
6th- D. Morris, 3 fish, 1lbs 3.2oz
7th- K. Morris, 4 fish, 15.6oz
8th- T. Morris, 4 fish, 14.8oz
9th- B. Morris, 3 fish, 13.8oz
10th- T. Sadik, 1 fish, 8.4oz
11th- M. Morris, 1 fish, 8.4oz
12th- A. Wood, 1 fish, 3.8oz